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List of Business Categories starts with " M "

Machine Shops & Services
Machine Tools
Machinery & Equipt Dealers
Maintenance - General
Maintenance Contractors & Services
Management Consultancy Services
Management Consultants
Management Training & Development
Manhole Frames & Covers
Manlift Hire & Suppliers
Manpower Suppliers
Manufacturer's Agents
Marble & Granite Fixings
Marble - Natural
Marble - Synthetic
Marble Products
Marble Products - Mfrs & Suppliers
Marina Systems
Marine & Offshore - Charter Operators
Marine & Offshore - Contractors
Marine & Offshore - Engine Suppliers
Marine & Offshore - Engineers
Marine & Offshore - Equipt Suppliers
Marine & Offshore - Maintenance Services
Marine & Offshore - Repair Services
Marine & Offshore - Surveyors
Marine Cargo Insurance
Marine Chemicals
Marine Consultants
Marine Contractors
Marine Craft Sales
Marine Craft Sales - Leisure
Marine Craft Surveyors
Marine Equipment & Supplies
Marine Logistics
Marine Paint & Coating Suppliers
Market Research & Analysis
Marketing Consultants
Martial Arts Academy
Material Handling Equipt
Material Testing Laboratories
Mattress Makers' Supplies
Meat - Processors & Exporters
Mechanical Contractors
Mechanical Engineering Contractors
Mechanical Seals
Media Consultants & Public Relations
Medical Equipt Suppliers
Medical Gases
Medical Goods - Whol & Mfrs
Medical Goods Suppliers
Medical Insurance
Mep Contractors
Mep Supplies
Metal Manufacturers & Dealers
Metal Products
Metal Recycling
Metal Works & Workshops
Methanol Manufacturers
Mezzanine Systems
Military Logistics Services
Mineral Water Companies & Whols
Mobile Crushers
Mobile Kitchen Units
Mobile Phones & Accessories
Mobile Phones Repairing
Money Changers & Exchange Dealers
Motor Rewinding
Motorcycles & Motor Scooters
Musical Instrument Dealers