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Jay Prakash Chotrani
With everything in Doha being largely word-of-mouth, it’s good to have an objective resource like the Oil and Gas Directory where you can look at the services you need and make a decision based on your own judgement. If you don’t like that expensive mechanic your friends recommended, just run a simple search and you can find tons that will fit more with your budget.

Samantha Reyes
Anything that makes my life easier is a huge bonus in my book, and the Oil and Gas Directory is a game changer! It helps me save time searching through thick directories or stacks of newspapers to find what I need, whether that is someone to fix my tyre or someone who can repaint my living room.

Mark Reyes
As someone who works in the industry, I cannot stress how valuable a resource the Oil and Gas Directory is. It’s a one-stop-shop of sourcing, procurement, machining, and more. Anytime I need to spec a job or get a quote from a third party company, or just look for a specific part from a brand, that’s the first resource I consult. I’d recommend the site to anyone who’s in the market for a product or service. It’s definitely a great asset to having in your business arsenal!

Chantelle D’mello
Advertising on the site has been a huge boon for our business. Not only have they helped us rank on Google for our core business activities - digital services and marketing, they’ve also made it easy for potential customers to find us with a simple click. It’s online, social, responsive, and always update. It’s no wonder it’s the #1 directory in Qatar.

Jyoti Singh
The directory make sourcing companies for quotes on jobs so much easier because I don’t have to go looking for them myself. All I do is type in the type of business activity - whether it’s printing posters or rewiring a motor - my company is looking for and I find relevant companies that I can hire to complete the job! Win-win all around.

Mohamed Febil
The Oil and Gas Directory helped me find a place to rent, a car leasing company, and even a phone repair store. Is there anything these guys don’t have listed?!

Sunil Kava
Perfect for searching through Doha’s hundreds of businesses to find the ones that you actually NEED! Highly recommend the site to anyone!

Kajal Lal
I can’t even get started with how useful the site is, especially with their voice search feature! I can search for a restaurant or laundromat even when I’m on the move or driving because all I have to do is talk to the site on my phone! So proud to see this in Qatar.