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About Alfarah:

AFMT's is an Air Conditioning Maintenance and trading Company has been successfully established since 1998. “AFMT” is located in Doha – Qatar, now the fastest and highly developing country in the Middle East, equipped with a group of high quality professionals to produce the best result in the industry.

AFMT's mission is to maintain a highest quality and the best service standard. We will strive to cultivate relationships with clients who need and can appreciate the additional impact that work of our quality creates for their organizations. We recognize that each of our clients can obtain similar services from other suppliers. So we will constantly strive not merely to meer, but to exceed, the expectations of our valuable clients. In AFAM we believe in open, ethical and nondiscriminatory business practices and we will treat each of our clients and employees in respectful manner. AFAM is committed to encourage innovations and new ideas with new business approaches in order to keep our competitive edge. We willingly accept the risks that come with this.

Quality is life of an enterprise and cannot be compromised. At AFAT, quality is a full time commitment. Our committed focus on quality enables us to consistently provide products and services that meet our customers and the official regulatory requirements.

The greatest asset of AFAM is its workforce: teams of highly experienced supervisors, technicians etc, in the related fields. They work tirelessly to fulfill the company’s mission and provide outstanding service to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Air Conditioner Installation and Maintenance:
We are presently working on 50 to 150 tones Chiller and Chilled water systems and package units up to 25 tones, and all types of kitchen equipments.
oday AFAM is one of the largest residential/industrial air conditioning maintenance specialists in the State of Qatar with extensive expertise in Chiller/Chilled water system and HVAC, package unit and split/window A.C. Systems. Our success has been strongly supported by manufactures such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Hitachi, Fujitsu and Toshiba, LG, General, York, Trane, Carrier etc.

Office Stationeries Trading
We aim to consistently be one of the cheapest office stationery suppliers in Qatar with top notch quality standards.
AFMT's supplies all office, schools, hotels stationery items at a low price without any compromise in the quality. This includes pens, papers, files, cartridges, cleaning utensils etc. AFMT's have a large product portfolio which is imported in bulk and quality assured products are being sold at the lowest price ever in Qatar. Buy with confidence, we have an always attending customer care service and secure payments.

 PO Box: 37446, CR No: 56706, Doha, Qatar.

 Phone: +974 44606187

 Mobile: +974 55526993

Email: mail@alfarahwll.com

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