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P.O.Box: 40977  Doha
Phone: 44422061
Fax: 44422062
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Location: Sahiliya
Key Personnel: 
Riyas Ahmed, Projs Mngr-33785859
Jitesh Nair, Projs Consultant-33963189

Company Profile

About Us :-
Clouds International Group W.L.L., Doha's well-known Group of Companies has come a long way since its modest beginning some years ago. It is now a name to be reckoned with the country's aluminum, glass, cladding, and stainless steel industrial sectors. 
Utilizing its capacities to hilt, the company offers an enormous range of products and it is catering to all requirements of the building industry, from villas to high rises. Its foray into composite panel cladding, stainless steel works has further broadened its array of products, making Clouds International Group more self-reliant now than ever before. 
With strategic business links and technical partnerships with leading system suppliers from Germany, Italy etc., Clouds International Group W.L.L., possesses the wherewithal, technical know-how and infrastructure capability to execute any challenging and time-bound projects. 
Clouds International Group W.L.L. has a relatively humble beginning as an aluminum fabricator for doors and windows. Realizing customer requirements and ensuring their timely completion, the company developed a wide and ever growing clientele base. On reliability and the quality of products delivered to the countless patrons, the company has carved a niche for itself in the industry. 
In their pursuit for further excellence, the management of Clouds International Group W.L.L., has developed and implemented a quality management system in compliance with the guidelines international standards. 
The company which has its own state of art factory in the Gate No:10, Street No: 46, Industrial Area, has Computer aided machines, and is backed by a team of highly qualified, trained and motivated workforce. The project management team and CAD station are also located along side.
A wide variety of our products are displayed at the Group's production centre situated in the Industrial Area and our Head Office located in Al Rayyan , About where the country's most sought after business locate these days. 
Our Chairman, Mr. Fahad Ethaar H A Al Hajri, a person with an extraordinary combination of attributes: vision, passion and deep sensitivity to the big issues that challenge the world around us, is our motivation in pursuit of perfection in our endeavors. A remarkable thing happens when great leadership and employees who are driven to make a difference bring together: they do miracles, like, Clouds International Group W.L.L.,We believe that great companies are built on a foundation of reliable expertise. For Clouds International Group W.L.L., that foundation includes rigorous management oversight of, and an unyielding dedication to, workmanship. In addition, we make every effort to adopt appropriate policies from time to time and we devote ourselves fully towards achieving perfection. We are keenly aware of the importance of customer  satisfaction. 
We maintain a dynamic system of internal controls and procedures designed to ensure excellent customer service, adoption of new technologies, and in keeping the promises fulfilled. We recruit, develop and retain a world-class team. Our safety system, evolved from thorough research is very much advanced from the other counter parts. 

We present our profile information proudly, with the expectation that those who gone through it will understand our Company, 

recognize our commitment to performance with integrity, and share our confidence in Clouds International Group’s future.

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