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      P.O.Box: 3547  Doha
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      Location: Nr Jarir Book Store, Salwa Rd
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      Timings: 8.00-1.00/2.00-5.00 : Sat - Wed
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      Graham B Young, Div Mngr - Sports Field & Floorings
      Jiju Thennision, Engr
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      ASTROTURF - Football Fields (1711 Visits)
      EAGLE TURF - Football Fields, Hockey Fields, Landscape Grass (1719 Visits)
      POLYGRASS - Football Pitches (1545 Visits)
      SHAWNWLC - Back Walls Grass (1494 Visits)
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      COBRA COIL - Barbed Tapes (1565 Visits)
      ODS - Chain Link Fencing (2227 Visits)
      TOP SECURITY - Palisade Fencing (1583 Visits)
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      PLAY CRAFT - Play Ground Equipment, Children Playground Equipment, Public Park Play Systems, School Play Equipment, Leisure Products, Theme Play Systems, Swings, Borders & Ramps, Turfs, Sports & Outdoor Fitness Equipment (1427 Visits)
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      4. SEATINGS    

      SEATING SYSTEMS - Lecture Hall Seatings, Stadium Seatings, Telescopic Seating Systems, Staging, Grand Stands, Removable Seatings, Retractable Seatings, Fixed Tiering, Chairs (1659 Visits)
      (13765 Visits)

      5. SHELVING & STORAGE SYSTEMS   Blog     

      PRESTAR - Multi Tier Pallet Racking, Multi Tier Bolt Free Shelving, Mobile Shelving, Cantilever Racking, Ladders, Shelving Systems, Storage Racks, Storage Systems, Storage Racks (1759 Visits)
      (2645 Visits)


      DECOCOLOUR - Sports Surfacing (1467 Visits)
      DECOTURF - Tennis Courts, Multi Sport Courts, Baseball Courts (1530 Visits)
      LAYKOLD - Tennis Courts (1679 Visits)
      MCWIL - Court Wall Panel Systems, Panel Systems, Squash Courts, Paddle Tennis, Complete Courts (1605 Visits)
      PLEXICUSHION - Sports Surfacing For Indoor & Outdoor Athletic Facilities (1520 Visits)
      (3793 Visits)

      7. SPORTS FLOORINGS   Blog     

      PRESTIGE - Squash Court Floorings, Maple Floorings (62 Visits)
      PULASTIC SPORTS FLOORINGS - Indoor Sports Flooring, Outdoor Sports Flooring (1376 Visits)
      REKORTAN - Running Tracks, Jogging Tracks, Cycle Tracks (1408 Visits)
      SPORT COURT - Running Track Surfacing (2024 Visits)
      SPURTAN - Running Tracks, Jogging Tracks, Cycle Tracks, School Playgrounds (1556 Visits)

      Total Brands: 20

      Company Profile

      ABOUT US :-
      Al Ghorairi & PartnersW.L.L. established in 1982 and widely recognized as one of the leading providers of Sports Facilities, Industrial Fencing, Landscaping and Specialist in Contracting. Nearly last three decades Al Ghorairi has been part of many noteworthy projects in Qatar and has played a key role in Qatar’s ambitious plans to become a well recognized player on the international sporting map.
      The management team and employees of Al-Ghorairi who gained their experience and know-how from various projects that Al-Ghorairi executed in the last three decades to government and corporate companies in Qatar.
      The major fields of expertise are in the following domains:-
      • Security Fencing
      • Sports Surfacing
      • Artificial Grass Installation
      • Playground Equipments
      • Construction Building & Civil Works
      We, Al Ghorairi are committed to top quality job performance, starting from the preliminary phase of the design to the post phase of warranty support. We are committed to accurate and realistic preliminary design, implementing the right time schedule, and closely following up the phases of execution.
      We represent many internationally reputed manufacturers, consultants and service providers, and their technical support help to make complete satisfaction of our customers.

            • Contracting Division :-

      Superior products, highly skilled installers, expert advice from internationally renowned staff, and unrivalled after sales support makes Al Ghorairi the perfect choice for all your sports surfacing requirements.
      Al Ghorairi, Qatar’s most experienced sports surfacing company, offer a complete range of indoor and outdoor sporting surfaces including IAAF Approved Running Tracks, FIFA Approved Synthetic Pitches, ITF Approved tennis courts, FIBA Approved Timber Floors and more. Based in Doha, Al-Ghorairi can provide turnkey facility installations including lighting, fencing, and seating.

      • Experience:-

      Al Ghorairi has been providing sports surfacing solutions to schools, government, and sporting bodies for over almost three decades. These jobs range in size from small sports court areas right through to international standards running tracks. In a market with some of the harshest UV conditions in the World, Al Ghorairi has seen how varying products perform in the long term. As such we are in the position to offer first hand advice on suitable high quality surfacing solutions.

      •  Internationally Renowned Staff :-

      Our team of sales people, project managers, and installers bring with them a wealth of knowledge and installation expertise from around the World. Collectively our staff have experience in the sports surfacing industry, and have worked on major projects including surfaces for the 2006 Asian Games.

      •  Locally Based :-

      Whilst many companies in the market place simply represent products here in Qatar, Al-Ghorairi is a locally based company with a large installation team who can add value to your project, rather that just a commission. Whilst others simply have installation teams who pack up and go home once the job is finished, Al Ghorairi is only just a phone call away. Whether it is free advice on project design and surfacing solutions, recommendations on the maintenance of your quality installation, or performing minor repair work – Al Ghorairi is always here to ensure the smooth and timely delivery of your projects. This is especially comforting to head contractors on major projects.

      •  Quality Workmanship :-

      Our vastly experience installation team are not only market leaders in Qatar but are also amongst the most experienced, qualified and recognized teams in the world. Whatever your sports surfacing requirement, Al Ghorairi will ensure a high quality finish right down to the minute details.

      •  Proven Market Leading Products :-

      In more than 28 years working in the sport surfacing market , Al-Ghorairi has seen the first hand almost all the products that have track record of success throughout the rest of the world are able to perform under the harsh conditions here in Qatar. Products have to be able withstand some of the highest UV ratings in the world, as well as be capable of handling the movement in asphalt and concrete sub-bases that results from extreme ranges in temperature. Al-Ghorairi will only install products that have proven they can perform to the highest standards in the local conditions.

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