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Aspect Chemicals is an independent chemical trading company that is based in Qatar. Our company is composed of an active, motivated team that makes fast and clear decisions based on engineering knowledge and market experience. We believe that our innovative technology, professional services, and strong relationships with our partners will help us grow locally and globally in the chemical trading field.

We supply and distribute a wide range of chemicals and equipment that are supported by engineering expertise and advanced technologies. Also, we are dealing with Oil and Gas sector in Qatar and the ME. Our products are offered with complete service from the source to commission, guaranteeing competent operations, fast delivery, and value-added services to meet our customer needs.

  • Chemical Trading - Commodity & specialty water and wastewater treatment Chemicals, Oil and Field production chemicals, Drilling Fluid Chemicals.
  • Media - Anthracite, sand & Gravels, Activated Carbon Media, Resins.
  • Pre-Treatment Systems - Aspect Chemicals pre treatment systems are recommended to remove soluble, suspended impurities, living organisms, and color/odor from raw water.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems - Reverse osmosis works by applying pressure to the concentrated side (higher contaminant concentration) forcing water to pass through the RO semipermeable membrane into the diluted side (Lower contaminant concentration). The semi permeable membrane allows the passage of water molecules but not the majority of dissolved salts, organics, and bacteria. This system is mainly used to remove salts and other impurities from tap, brackish, and sea water.
  • Waste Water Treatment Systems - MBBR : MBBR process is an attached growth biological wastewater treatment process. Microorganisms will carry out the treatment by being attached to a solid medium used to achieve both BOD removal and nitrification. Nitrification with an MBBR process requires a low BOD concentration to favor the growth of the nitrifying bacteria in the biomass attached to the carrier.
  • Waste Water Treatment Systems - MBR : Membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment processes consist of submerged membranes with a membrane module placed directly in the aeration tank. MBR produces a higher quality effluent compared to that produced by a conventional activated sludge process.


+974 5587 7561
+974 44602395
First Floor, Bulding No.18, Sayer, Barwa Commercial Avenue, P.O. Box 5673,
Doha, Qatar

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Chantelle D'mello is an avid writer with over four years of hard news experience as part of the award-winning Doha News team. She's previously worked at Al Jazeera and the Huffington Post, and hopes to bring her passion for writing to the Qatar Oil and Gas Directory.

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