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Bitumode Qatar is a producer and supplier of polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing membrane made up from the highest quality materials keeping your commercial or residential structure protected years-round.

We are a dynamic company fully equipped with an automatic production line with a capacity exceeding 20 million meter /years dedicated to provide our clients services of the best quality standards regardless of the size of the project.

Bitumode Qatar Waterproofing Factory:

Designed and established to be the leader manufacturing factory in the Arab area producing the top quality of modified waterproofing membrane. The factory is equipped with state of art fully automatic Production line with capacity exceeding 20 million meters /year.

Bitumode Qatar waterproofing factory looking forward to penetrate the waterproofing market through several axes, the most important axes is:

Owning the latest reached technology of waterproofing production lines fully automated, which control all the machine activity through computers and SCADA system
Owning the best laboratory testing equipments to comply with the international standard specification and measurements
Continual training and improvement of the manpower to be the corner stone for current and future expansion
The factory is equipped with Quality Control laboratory with the most advanced testing equipment up to the international standard EN ,ASTM and UEAtc.

Florescence Microscope
this is the most advanced fluorescence microscope with video analytical view ,showing and comparing the homogeneous phase inversion between Bitumen and Polymer according to the formulation know-how and confirm the properties of the mixture before starting the production
Slates Adhesion Tester
for the slates finished product we have to be sure of the highest degree of adhesion between natural colored slates and the membrane surface and this device measuring this criteria to permit the protec-tive layer to be within the international standard values
Universal Computerized Tensile Testing Machine
for the civil and building condition we need to choose membrane with high mechanical properties , accordingly we depends on the universal tensile testing machine can perform the following tests ( tensile strength , Elongation , Tear Strength , adhesion strength to concrete ,peel strength ) comparing and analyze the results by computer system
Water Impermeability Tester
This tester perform the required high pressure of water to the test samples to insure 100 % impermeability of the product
Softening Point Tester With Computer Control
This is the computerized Ring and Ball tester measuring the Softening point of the bitumen polymer compound to insure high quality of the final product
Penetration Tester
It is important analytical device to measure the penetration of the compound which reflecting the compound behavior
Heat Stability Tester
In the hot climate area of application you need high resistance to temperature and heat stability and that is measured by rotating analytical heat condition device
UV Ageing Tester(Computerized Ageing Tester)
this is very important device with very high computerize technology which subject the test samples to all the weathering condition like U.V. radiation Raining ,Heating Cooling and by computer correlation you can predict the age of the membrane after installation without any failure
Impact Tester
Measuring the resistance to impact of dynamic load on the membrane during application of after final testing to insure resistance to any of the site condition could affect the waterproofing system Quality.

P O.BOX 39199,
Doha-Qatar Street 36,
Gate 4 Industrial Area


+974 4458 4349

+974 4444 2717

+ 974 4017 8706

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