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Distributors for ALPHA
PIR Pre Insulated, Phenolic Pre Insulated Duct Accessories & Tools, Flange Corners, Phenolic Sheets, PIR Sheets, AC Ducts
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Distributors for CAT DUCT
Manufacturers Of GI / MS / SS / Aluminium / Black Steel / Spiral & Circular / Oval / HVAC Ducting & Accessories, Manual / Motorised Volume Control Dampers, Access Doors, Louvers, Spiral Ducts & Fittings, UL / QCD Approved Fire Dampers, Sound Attenuators, Fire Rated Ducts, Fresh Air Intake Assembly, Aluminium Louvers, Aluminium Washable Filters, SS Louvers, Sand Trap Louvers, Pre - Insulated Ducts, Phenolic Ducts, Pipe / Duct Aluminium Claddings, Kitchen Hoods, Variable Air Volumes, VAV Bypass Type, Etc
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