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Daniel Davis
This is a great platform to find all your needs. Being a construction professional , I have found all my requirements through this site. I hope more people take advantage of this wonderful initiative . Best wishes to the management team.


hi this site is bahtareen and very good in finding your company products online and the suppliers

mohammad kawshar ahmed



Jay Prakash Chotrani
With everything in Doha being largely word-of-mouth, it’s good to have an objective resource like the Oil and Gas Directory where you can look at the services you need and make a decision based on your own judgement. If you don’t like that expensive mechanic your friends recommended, just run a simple search and you can find tons that will fit more with your budget.

Samantha Reyes
Anything that makes my life easier is a huge bonus in my book, and the Oil and Gas Directory is a game changer! It helps me save time searching through thick directories or stacks of newspapers to find what I need, whether that is someone to fix my tyre or someone who can repaint my living room.

Mark Reyes
As someone who works in the industry, I cannot stress how valuable a resource the Oil and Gas Directory is. It’s a one-stop-shop of sourcing, procurement, machining, and more. Anytime I need to spec a job or get a quote from a third party company, or just look for a specific part from a brand, that’s the first resource I consult. I’d recommend the site to anyone who’s in the market for a product or service. It’s definitely a great asset to having in your business arsenal!