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      P.O.Box: 7392  Doha
      Fax: 44443327
      Location: Office 8, 2nd Flr, Bldg 53, St 76, Al Azizia
      Timings: 8.00am-6.00pm
      Key Personnel: 
      Ishaq Mohd, G M
      Engr Anoir Akkari, Ops Mngr
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      Product/Service Details:

      1. CABLE TRAY PRODUCT SUPPLIERS   Blog     (11826)

      ELCON CABLE TRAYS PVT LTD - Cable / Ladder Trays, Accessories, Wire Mesh Cable Trays, Raceway Cable Ducts, Heat Insulators (75 Visits)

      2. CABLES & CABLING SYSTEMS   Blog     (14060)

      DONGA BESTECH CO LTD - Ex-proof Cable Gland, Earthing & Lightning Protection Material Cable Cleat, Stainless Steel Cable Tie, Cable Tie, Compression Lug, Terminal, Terminal Block, Joint Box, Wiring Accessories (77 Visits)

      3. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES   Blog     (16520)

      ABTECH - All Ex-proof Range: Junction Box, Terminal Enclosures, Special Enclosures Solutions, Mv & Hv Enclosures, Control Stations, Hazardous Area Lighting, Cable Glands (2636 Visits)
      ENSTO - Enclosures / Components, Lighting, Electric Vehicle Charger, Heating Systems, Modular Wiring, Marine (122 Visits)

      4. INSULATION PRODUCTS   Blog     (11458)

      ALFA ENGINEERING - Monolithic Insulating / Isolation Joints, Pressure Classes, Carbon Steel, Duplex / Super Duplex, Stainless Steel, Cladded Norms : Astm, Din, Asme, Dnv, Api, Iso, En, Norsok, Nace (1945 Visits)

      5. MANHOLE COVERS & FRAMES   Blog     (20218)

      FONDERIE BELLI & BABEL GROUP - Manhole Covers, Gullies & Gratings (82 Visits)

      6. PRESSURE GAUGES   Blog     (14838)

      ITEC - Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Level Gauges, Thermowell & Gauge Accessories - Manifold, Siphon, Gauge Savers, Adaptors, Etc (3529 Visits)

      7. ROOFING SYSTEMS    (3292)

      WORLD BRIDGE INDUSTRIAL CO - Geodesic Aluminium Dome Roof, Internal Floating Roof, External Floating Roof Seal & Drain System (523 Visits)

      8. VALVES & ACCESSORIES   Blog     (22573)

      DONGSAN VALVE CO LTD - Ball Valves, Cryogenic Ball Valves, Special Valves, Service Items (82 Visits)
      WOOSUNG FLOWTEC - Simplex Strainers, Duplex Strainers, Y Strainers, Tee Strainers, Flat Type Strainers / Conical Type Strainers / Basket Type Strainers / W Type Strainers, Mud Boxes For Casting (108 Visits)

      Total Brands: 10

      Company Profile

      ABOUT US :-

      Renaissance Trading & Contracting (RTC) is a leading supplier of Fire Protection and Oil & Gas Products catering to all Industrial and Commercial Customers and implementation of Services for Instrumentation and Fire Protection. Over the year we at RTC have successfully forged a remarkable reputation by establishing unrivalled quality, flexibility and reliability in all our products and service offerings. Central to this achievement has been our drive to exceed our customer expectations.

      RTC covers a wide range of products and value-added services with the help of world renowned and approved brands and a team of professionally qualified and dedicated individuals. Our divisions serve to supply, install, test, and commission, carry out maintenance on the regular basis with the fully qualified and competent staff.

      As our motto defines “commitment to excellence” which We execute through collaboration, innovation and process excellence to create value for our customers. Our values are our corporate culture, the foundation for how we relate to each other and every individual and entity with whom we interact. There is the principle That every RTC employees is expected to use, live by, and demonstrate daily. RTC ensures all the activities and functions are integrated for the benefit of customers.

      MISSION :-

      Our mission is to continually reassess needs and offer truly comprehensive solutions which exceed the expectations of our Clients and Customers. We aim to be a leading diversified Company, leading the industry in each line of our business and generating sustain able growth, while striving to be an effective and progressive organization with an emphasis on Safety, Quality & Integrity. Our approach is to counter every challenge with dynamic innovation.

      VISION :-


      We act responsibly maintaining our values, which foster a transparent positive work environment.


      We develop and nurture partnerships based on mutual respect, trust and cooperation.


      We are encouraged to continuously learn and develop. We are recognized for our performance and accomplishment by our clients.


      We are committed to take challenges continuously, innovate, adapt to changes and take calculated risk.

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