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      P.O.Box: 75352  Doha
      Fax: 44780120
      Location: Al Suwayed Plaza, Umm Salal Mohd
      GPS Location: Click Here
      Timings: 7.30am-6.00pm
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      Abdusalim K K, B D M
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      Total Business Categories: 28
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      1. CLEANING SERVICES   Blog     

      AL SUWAYED TRADING - Residential Villas Cleaning Services, Manhole / Septic Tank Cleaning (931 Visits)
      (6241 Visits)

      2. SEWAGE REMOVAL SERVICES   Blog     

      AL SUWAYED TRADING - Skip, Dump, Garbage Removal, Chemical Sewage Water Removal (931 Visits)
      (6588 Visits)


      AL SUWAYED TRADING - Skip, Dump, Garbage Removal, Used Oil & Tire Removal, Chemical Sewage Water Removal, Transportation & Disposal Of Hazardous Solid, Liquid Waste Collection, Industrial Waste Management, Disposal Of Medical, Clinical Or Hospital Waste Collection, Non Hazardous Solid Waste, Skip Rentals & Removal, Compactors - Waste, Sludge / Sewage Water Transportation, Rain Water Removal (931 Visits)
      (2815 Visits)

      4. WATER SUPPLIERS   Blog     

      AL SUWAYED TRADING - Water Suppliers (931 Visits)

      Total Brands: 4

      Company Profile

      ABOUT US :-
      Al Suwayed Trading & Transport W.L.L Company started in Doha in 1980, With a vision to render various services in Qatar keeping in mind the tremendous development in the region. Ever since its inception it has grown in to a major company in Qatar offering various services to the community. We are guided effectively under the chairmanship of Mr. Suwayed Bain Suwayed Al A jami who always stand as an inspiration to the team of Board of Directors, Management and Employees of the company. He is supported by Mr. Hamza V.V as Managing Director, who himself is an experienced business entrepreneur. With our quality of service, timely completion of works, follow up services and “Fresh Thinking for Better Business” concept, you will feel us one of the best companies in Qatar.

      MISSION :-
      To deliver the best business result through optimism, teamwork and resourcefulness adhering to the social responsibility towards the community.

      VISION :-
      Our vision is to be the leaders in the field with our quality service and customer satisfaction.

      Al Suwayed Trading Co. is committed to provide best business result through optimism. Teamwork and resourcefulness and hearing to be social responsibility towards the community. The firm enhance our customer satisfaction through quality management system (QMS).

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