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      P.O.Box:   Doha
      Website: ww*******************om     
      Location: Nr Redtag, Salwa Rd
      Timings: 8.30am-6.00pm
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      Muhammed, Sales Mngr
      Rihan, After Sales Mngr
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      GROHE - Thermostat Cartridge, Universal Filing Basket Corner, Actuating Lever, Actuating Rod, Actuation Bolt, Actuation Plate Skate Air, Actuation Unit, Actuator, Adapter, Adaptor With Flow Rate Limiter, Glass Including Holder & Shelf, Hook, Basin Low Spout, OHM Trim 3-way, OHM Trimset Bath, OHM Trimset Shower, Shower Holder, Soap Dish Incl Shelf, Soap Dispenser + Holder, THM Trimset Rapido Bath, Toilet Brush Set, Toilet Paper Holder, Towel Bar, Robe Hook, Towel Rail, Volume Control Trimset, Towel Ring, 2 Handle Sink High Spout, Angle Adapter Hand Shower, Bath Furniture Cistern, Bath Inlet, Bath Spout, Bridgeford Lever Handles, Brillant Handle, Brush, Brush Head, Buffer For Seat & Cover, Lift Rod, Noise Protection Set, Pull Out Spray, Pump Jack, Seal Kit, Cosmetic Mirror, Filing Basket, Headshower, Shower Wall Rest, Handshower, Trigger Spray, Trigger Spray Set With Wall Valve, Traverse, 5-way Diverter, Wall Clip, Wall Shower Holder, Wall Spout, Waste Bin, Sink C-spout Dual Spray, Sink Pull-out Spray, Pillar Tap Sink C-spout, Smart Control L-sp Pull-out Mouss (13879 Visits)
      (3748 Visits)

      2. BATHROOM MIXERS   Blog 

      GROHE - Accessory For Short WCs, Sports Head Shower, Bath Towel Bar, Cascade Bath Spout, Cascade Bath Spout Wall-mounted, Concealed Bath Trimset, Concealed Shower Trimset, Basic Dummy For Shower Arms, Basic Dummy Shower, Slide Ring, Snap Coupling, Snap Insert, Soap Tank, SPA Steam Generator, Tap Hole Cover, Tap Hole Stopper, Temperature Control Handle, Temperature Limiter, Thermo-element, Thermometer, Thermostatic Compact Cartridge, Threaded Tube, Throttle Nozzle, T-piece, Trecorn Handle, Treflor Handle, Trigger Spray, Urinal Temperatur Sensor Siphon, Watersaving Kit, Transformer, Transformer-connecting Box, Water Safety Kit, Water-saving Kit (13879 Visits)
      (3934 Visits)


      PANASONIC - CRP2 6V Lithium Photo Battery, Suitable For Flashlights That Need Instant Power, Minimal Weight & Size, Superior Performance In Extreme Temperatures, Powerful Lithium Technology Reliable Even In A Wide Range Of Operating Temperatures (-40°c To +70°c), Long Shelf Life Up To 10 Years (20156 Visits)
      (9133 Visits)

      4. BUILDING MATERIALS   Blog     

      GROHE - Tud Bolt, S-union, Support Feet, Support Plate, Taper Nut (13879 Visits)
      (14006 Visits)

      5. HOSES & FITTINGS   Blog     

      GROHE - Air Hose, Pneumatic Hose, Pressure Hose, Shower Hose (13879 Visits)
      (13318 Visits)

      6. PIPES & ACCESSORIES   Blog     

      GROHE - Connecting Pipe, Ventilation Pipe (13879 Visits)
      (7400 Visits)

      7. PLUMBING MATERIALS   Blog     

      GROHE - Cast Spout, Clamp, Clamper, Cleaning Clip, OHM Sink Extractable Mousseur, Connection Hose, Connection Nipple, Connection Set, Connection Tube, Connector Set, Connector Set, Cover Rosette, Cover Disk, Decorative Cap, Diaphragm, Dirt Strainer, Discharge Piston, Flushing Cistern, Operating Rod, O-ring, O-ring Seal, Piston, Pneumatic Remote Control, Pop-up Waste, Splined Insert, Sports Head Shower, Spout, Spout Connection Set, Spout Holder, Spray Face Plate, Stop Ring, Wax Cartridge, Wax Thermo-element, WC Electronic, WC Inlet+outlet Connecting Set (13879 Visits)
      (8589 Visits)

      8. PPR PIPES & FITTINGS    

      GROHE - Connecting Pipe, Ventilation Pipe (13879 Visits)
      (6961 Visits)

      9. PVC PIPES & FITTINGS   Blog     

      GROHE - Connecting Pipe, Ventilation Pipe (13879 Visits)
      (8499 Visits)


      GROHE - Acrylic Shower Tray, Display Basin, Dummy Basin, Dummy Bath, Display Basin, OHM Vessel Fitting Basin, Ceramic Bidet Floorstand, Ceramic Shower Toilet Seat Soft Closure, Ceramic Urinal, Ceramic Washbasin, Ceramic WC-seat, Pillar Tap Sink, Shower Rail Holder, Shower Tube, Shut-off Handle, Waste Fitting, Waste Set, Waste Trap Basin, WC-frame (13879 Visits)
      (4723 Visits)


      GROHE - Bidet Mixer, Basin, Bath Fittings & Spare Parts, OHM Bidet, Aquadimmer, Urinal Wall Plate, Ascending Spray, 2-handle Bidet, 2 Handle Basin Swivel Spout, Uniset Bidet (13879 Visits)
      (9425 Visits)

      12. TOOLS   Blog     

      GROHE - Socket Wrench (13879 Visits)
      (19895 Visits)

      13. VALVES & ACCESSORIES   Blog     

      GROHE - Wall Union, Concealed Valve Trimset, Angle Stop, Angle Valve, Ball-joint Flow Control, Bearing Ring, Bellows, Control Sleeve, Control Valve, Control Unit, Isolating Valve, Non-return Valve, Pillar Union, Pipe-ventilating Valve, Discharge Valve, Shut-off Valve, Shutoff Valve - S-union, Solenoid Valve, Straight Union, Strainer, Inlet-/waste-/overflow Valve, Union Connection Set, Union Valve, Valve Float, Valve Head, Valve Seat, Wall Union, Double Valve, Waste Valve (13879 Visits)

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Safety Kit in Qatar | Water-saving Kit in Qatar | Panasonic in Qatar | Crp2 6v Lithium Photo Battery in Qatar | Suitable For Flashlights That Need Instant Power in Qatar | Minimal Weight & Size in Qatar | Superior Performance In Extreme Temperatures in Qatar | Powerful Lithium Technology Reliable Even In A Wide Range Of Operating Temperatures (-40°c To +70°c) in Qatar | Long Shelf Life Up To 10 Years in Qatar | Tud Bolt in Qatar | S-union in Qatar | Support Feet in Qatar | Support Plate in Qatar | Taper Nut in Qatar | Air Hose in Qatar | Pneumatic Hose in Qatar | Pressure Hose in Qatar | Shower Hose in Qatar | Connecting Pipe in Qatar | Ventilation Pipe in Qatar | Cast Spout in Qatar | Clamp in Qatar | Clamper in Qatar | Cleaning Clip in Qatar | Ohm Sink Extractable Mousseur in Qatar | Connection Hose in Qatar | Connection Nipple in Qatar | Connection Set in Qatar | Connection Tube in Qatar | Connector Set in Qatar | Connector Set in Qatar | Cover Rosette in Qatar | Cover Disk in Qatar | Decorative Cap in Qatar | Diaphragm in Qatar | Dirt Strainer in Qatar | Discharge Piston in Qatar | Flushing Cistern in Qatar | Operating Rod in Qatar | O-ring in Qatar | O-ring Seal in Qatar | Piston in Qatar | Pneumatic Remote Control in Qatar | Pop-up Waste in Qatar | Splined Insert in Qatar | Sports Head Shower in Qatar | Spout in Qatar | Spout Connection Set in Qatar | Spout Holder in Qatar | Spray Face Plate in Qatar | Stop Ring in Qatar | Wax Cartridge in Qatar | Wax Thermo-element in Qatar | Wc Electronic in Qatar | Wc Inlet+outlet Connecting Set in Qatar | Connecting Pipe in Qatar | Ventilation Pipe in Qatar | Connecting Pipe in Qatar | Ventilation Pipe in Qatar | Acrylic Shower Tray in Qatar | Display Basin in Qatar | Dummy Basin in Qatar | Dummy Bath in Qatar | Display Basin in Qatar | Ohm Vessel Fitting Basin in Qatar | Ceramic Bidet Floorstand in Qatar | Ceramic Shower Toilet Seat Soft Closure in Qatar | Ceramic Urinal in Qatar | Ceramic Washbasin in 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