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Catering & Food Service Equipment Description: Can't get enough of your Haas avocados, Australian beef, and crumbly Walkers shortbread? You've got your local food importer to thank for bringing your favourites to the grocery shelf.As an arid peninsula with an ever-increasing population, Qatar has been hard-pressed to meet local demands for food, resulting in it importing over 90% of its food. Its limited access to fertile land, water, and inhospitable have led to growing concerns about food security, which the government has tried to remedy Read More...
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Hot Cabinets, Bain Marie, Thawing Trolleys, Vegetable Display Stands, Grilled Chicken Machines, BBQ Stations, Shawarma Machines, Griddles, Gas Cooking Tops, Tables, Wok Gas Cooking Tops, Pot Wash Sinks, Work Tables, Sink Cabinets, Grease Traps, Wall Cabinets, Sink Tables, Shelving Units, Kitchen Hoods, Tandoor Ovens
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Steam Boilers, Steam Cooker Vessels
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Custom Fabricated Food Service Equipment For All Themes
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