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Businesses and institutions depend on us every day as a source of tools, abrasives, material handling, safety, and other equipment. The breadth and availability of the product line is a key factor that differentiates Bexon Trading from other industrial vendors.

Our strength lies in consolidation. Our broad product line and wide networks enable us to meet customer requirements in totality. For products not in our product portfolio, we source and ship based on customer’s requirements. We have thus obtained a reputation as a vendor of choice so that our clients can focus on their core business.

We believe in going beyond just “selling” a product but ensuring that we offer you an end-to-end solution. Ours is a holistic approach, from evaluating customer needs through to on-site deployment, we partner with you ensuring that you “get the job done“.

Our Products:

Ladders- Extension Ladders, Little Giant Ladders, Step Ladder, Platform Stepladders, Mobile Platform Ladders, Everlas Ladder, and Scaffolding + Scaffolding Accessories from brands Zamil ladders, Al Jarsh Manufacturing, and Everlast Aluminium.

Hand Tools - Wrenches, Gear Puller Sets, screwdrivers, Impact Power Nut Driver Sets, Wood Chisel Sets, Knife Sets, Groove Joint Pliers, FatMax Screwdriver Set Parallel, Digging Tools, etc from the top brands including Stanley Hand Tools, Kapriol, DECA Inc., DeWalt, Everest, Everest hand tools, Snap-on, BANDIT, EXPERT – BRITOOL UNITED KINGDOM, Draper Tools, Eclipse Tools North America, Elora tools, Irwin Industrial Tools and Ridgid.

Adhesives - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape, Fix with GLUE, PVC Solvent Cement, Multi PU Foam Sealant, Ultra High-Temperature Adhesive Transfer Tapes, Epoxy adhesive, Araldite, Asmaco, Fevicol, Grippo, Euro 700, Clipsal, Bison, Arrow Adhesives, Alteco, and Parabond.

Safety Products - Under construction signs, Personal protective equipment, Yellow Caution barricade tape, High Vision Motorway Jacket, Ear Protectors & Plugs, Traffic Cones, Safety Belt, Fall Protection, double palm gloves, safety helmet, Foam Padded Safety Glasses, Wellington boots.

Power Tools - Cordless Jigsaw, Corded Oscillating Multi-Tools, Large Angle Grinder, Sierras circulares, Concrete Hand Held Cut-off Saw, Hammer Drill, Cordless Rotary Hammers, Handheld Tile Cutter, Circular Saw And Cutter, Cordless Circular Saw and Cordless Drills & Electric Drill.

Building Materials -Foil Tape – Aluminium & Copper, wooden plank on stairs, Steel Nail, Sealant, Locks, sanitary appliances, sanitary ware, PPR Pipes, Pipes & Fittings – PVC, Water Pipes, PVC Fittings, Paint, Grub Hoe, Wheelbarrows & Hand Trucks, Wood, shovel, building materials and steel bars binding wire from popular brands Fevicol, Polybius.

Measuring Instrument - Nylon Clad Steel Tape, Nylon Coated Tape, Laser Level Square, LCD Display Handheld Electronic Digital Ruler Laser, Electrical Measuring & Testing Equipment, Laser Distance Measurer, Electrical Measuring Instruments.

Electrical, Plumbing and Sanitary - Electrical wiring, corrugated conduit, PPR pipes, Water Heaters, fuse box, Electrical Casing and mapping, Electrical Box Accessories & Fittings, Junction box, electric switches and sockets, Non-Woven Abrasives.


Contact Us:

Bexon Trading, Buildings 06,

Barwa Village Shop1 & 3

Postcode: 37787

(+974) 55053663


Business Categories list of Bexon Trading in Doha, Qatar:


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