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OITC GROUP  in Doha Qatar

OITC Group is a business conglomerate under the flagship of “Al Obaidly” family; a well established and respected name among the distinguished corporate entities of the GCC region.  The group has a global footprint with diversified interests in Infrastructure, Energy, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Material Handling Equipment, Global Trading, Agricultural Business, Travel & Tourism, Property Development, Investment, Healthcare, and Education sectors. With its local expertise, technology leadership, and application knowledge OITC offers products, systems, solutions and services that allow its clients to improve their operations and productivity with minimum environmental impact.

Founded in 1978, AL OBAIDLY has come a long way from having started its operations in the name of GTC, with limited capital & infrastructure to a company that has emerged to be one of the largest business groups comprising of subsidiaries operating across diverse business sectors.

With its entrepreneurial spirit and passion to undertake business projects that are transformational in nature, OITC Group always stands among the pioneers within the business community of the region. By the virtue of its intense planning and careful implementation of diversification strategy, the group has capitalized in business areas in the fast expanding economy of the state of Qatar as well as promising opportunities available in almost every sectors of the market of the GCC region. What sets OITC Group apart from the rest is its ability to forge strong partnerships. The group firmly believes that risk and resource sharing by formation of new joint entities are the key operators of success and sustainability in today’s competitive market. Over the years some of the lead players in the global arena of the business community have partnered OITC GROUP who also shares OITC’S ideas.

Under the visionary leadership of the Board of Directors, OITC GROUP is constantly engaged in anendeavor to maximize the realization of immense potential, its significance and long term advantages of Public Private Partnership (PPP) in areas as diversified as Energy, Infrastructure, Transport, public health, education, sewages, waste management and sea port management.  

The Board firmly believes that in present competitive and challenging global environment, an extremely viable and dynamic Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’S) sector is essential for the economic development of the country especially in the industrial sector. SME’S contribute to economic development of the country by substantial investment in innovation, automization, quality. Moreover, SME’S increase international trade by diversifying economic activity.

Apart from making good economic results, OITC GROUP strongly believes that it’s sustainability is intrinsically linked to it’s ability to address the sustainable development of the people and communities it works with and the environment in which it operates. Leveraging on its family values, the group is committed to create attractive carreer opportunities for the generations to come. Being a leading business organization, it always aims to be a good corporate citizen committed to social responsibility conducting all its businesses in an ethical and responsible manner.

Under the dynamic management of a prominent business family and highly motivated taskforce of professionals, the group ensures its presence on every platform either it is a social, political or a global event. OITC’s success lies in its commitment to quality, its faith in innovative by continuous research and development (R&D), corporate honesty, transparency and consistent delivery of reliable services at the highest level of techno commercial proficiency. The Group’s approach is all about keeping its entrepreneurial spirit alive, and to keep growing with a passion to progress and the power to succeed with a renewed strength of purpose and commitment.


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