HDPE sheet is a high quality, high density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes with two co extruded, textured surface and consisting approximately 97.5% polyethylene, 2.5% carbone black and trace amounts of antioxidants and heat stabilizers; no other additives, filters or extenders are used. The resin used is specially formulated virgin polyethylene and is designed specifically for flexible Geomembrane applications. It has excellent resistance to UV radiation and is suitable for exposed condition. This product allows projects with greater slopes to be designed since frictional characteristics are enhanced, and the smooth edges allow for an easier, quicker welding process and future maintenance. 

In tanks, HDPE liners are used to form a protective internal barrier that ensures total sealing efficiency and protection from leakage, cracking and erosion. The use of Polyethylene Geomembrane (HDPE) greatly helps in preventing the corrosion and deterioration of water tanks, as the geomembranes are made of high quality, virgin polyethylene which demonstrates excellent chemical resistance i.e. to oily wastes, acids, and hydrocarbons. Under normal conditions aggressive organic solvents and inorganic acids do not cause any serious effects. 

Protection aside, HDPE liners in water tanks also help to improve their lifespan. They're easy to install and weld,  and are non-toxic materials that are certified safe by authorities worldwide.

They come in numerous versions including high temperature geomembranes - specially engineered HDPE geomembranes that are able to retain their mechanical and physical properties when exposed to temperatures up to 212F. 

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