IP CAMERAS in Doha Qatar

IP cameras are the modern-day equivalent of the more analog CCTV system. An abbreviation for internet protocol, IP cameras are digital video cameras, similar to webcams, which transmit and receive data over a network or the internet. It operates as a standalone unit with its own IP address that requires nothing more than a LAN network connection in order to transfer a digital signal over the internet. 

IP cameras work by encoding a video signal from the camera and sending it via an ethernet cable or wirelessly to a Network Video Recorder(NVR) located on a local or remote network through internet protocol(IP). While IP cameras require a connection to the same network as the NVR, they don't have to be directly connected to the recorder. Owners can log into the camera's feed via a computer by typing in its IP address directly. In contrast to CCTV, IP cameras offer higher resolution and security, along with advanced features like image manipulation, albeit for a slightly higher cost. 

CCTV cameras, on the other hand, work on their own 'closed' system and are connected directly to DVR with cable. They're considered analog cameras as they use a coax cable and require a BNC connection and monitor in order to store recordings on a DVR and view them. They used to be the prefered method of visual security as they were cost-affective and widely available, but their poor quality and the fact that they come with a fixed amount of storage, need more cables, lack encryption and require the owner to be physically present next to the DVR to view footage have led to their fall in popularity. 

IP cameras also offer other benefits - aside from better resolution - over CCTV cameras. For one, IP cameras have the ability to contain multiple cameras in one, which can cover an area that may normally take numerous CCTV cameras to cover. Unlike CCTV, the separate camera feeds go in as one signal through one cable to your system, and costs one license. While an analog camera takes two wires, an IP camera only takes one for both data and power that connects to a network switch, so you don’t need power at the camera site. Users can also focus and zoom in remotely, giving owners ultimate control over the camera. This versatile security solution needs no co axial cables, a computer station or even wired electricity, and can be easily relocated as and when required. Feeds can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the internet, whether via pc, laptop or mobile phone, which allows owners to video video footage, listen to audio streaming, and control the camera remotely.

A final advantage of IP cameras is that they can be programmed to have intelligence. Since they're basically small computers that compress and store video, users and third parties can program them to provide all sorts of analytics. They can detect motion or smoke, count people, track certain colors, sense when something disappears, and set off alarms, all through a video fed that's encrypted and authenticated so transmission is secure. 

Interested in beefing up your security by installing an IP camera? Check out our list of popular service providers in Doha, Qatar below

Find below a list of the top 10 Ip Cameras in Doha, Qatar:

    Phone: 44439397
    Key Personnel:MARCILY JAMES, SERVICE MNGR, 77705703
    NITHIN R K, SALES ENGR, 31000698
    Location: Office No: 5 & 6, 2nd Floor, Building No: 27, Behind LG Showroom, Al Rawdha Area, Old Airport Road ,
    Phone: 44550963;44551760
    Location: Wavelink WLL Block No. 9, Unit No. 20 P. O.Box. 82119, Barwa Village, Al Wakra Road ,
    Phone: 44632396
    Location: Opposite Ahli Bank, Near Family Shopping Complex, Azizya, Doha,
    Phone: 44515202
    Timings:8am - 5pm
    Key Personnel:Mr. Mohamed Nimea, Manager, 30368157 / 33128138

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IP CAMERAS in Doha Qatar

Find below a list of the top 10 products suppliers of Security & Closed Circuit Television in Doha, Qatar:

  • ACTI
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  • AXIS
    - Ip Cameras, Cctv Systems
    - Cctv Systems, I P Cameras

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