Popular in gyms all around Doha, rubber flooring is a common protective flooring used in playgrounds, commercial settings such as cafeterias and hospitals, and outdoors and high-traffic areas that require durable and/or waterproof flooring like doggy daycare, dugouts, basements, boats, storage sheds, ice skating rinks, and locker rooms. 

A versatile, resilient, and ultra-durable material, rubber flooring is available in a wide range of colours and textures, which makes it easy for designers to integrate it with the company’s style and brand aesthetic. Colours can include solid block colors, base colors with a confetti-like design, and other patterns. In terms of textures, the possibilities are endless. Models are available with rivets, dimples, studs, and  more complex textured patterns such as waffles and diamond-plate texture. Manufacturers can also print colors, patterns and logos onto the flooring, and create flooring that mimics natural stone or wood. 

Much like normal ceramic or porcelain tiles, rubber flooring can also be cut into shapes and laid in pieces, leaving more room for creativity and customization. 

Aside from its numerous uses, rubber flooring is also sound-absorbent, moisture-resistant, high-performing, extremely comfortable, and naturally antimicrobial, making it ideal for environments where people are barefoot, sweating, or in close contact. They also guarantee additional stability, grip, superb cushioning and shock absorption, and can withstand heavy loads and high impact activities while still feeling soft and comfortable underfoot. 

Another advantage of rubber floorings is that they are easy to clean, requiring simply a mixture of warm soap and water every week and a coating of water-soluble wax every couple of years to retain its finish. 

The material comes in rolling sheets and interlocking tiles which fit seamlessly together at the edges. The flooring can also be glued down, but most are manufactured to lie flat on their own. Floorings vary in thickness from 1/4 - 1/2 inch, the latter of which is high quality and a bit more expensive. Denser options offer added protection and more luxurious feel, for businesses looking for a little more class.

Easily recyclable, most rubber flooring these days is made with recycled tires and consumer waste, making it an eco-friendly option for companies that focus on sustainability and the environment. Installation is a breeze, and the tiles/sheets can be easily relocated in the event of a move. 

At home, rubber flooring is an excellent option for kid’s playrooms, where it can take heavy use, occasional spills, block noise, and soften falls, in kitchens where it helps to repel spills and drops, and in bathrooms where, with a little bit of extra care and the help of a rubber welder, it can work as a great slip and water-resistant flooring. 

Interested in installing some rubber flooring for your business or home? Check out our selection of experts in Doha, Qatar below! 

Find below a list of the top 10 Rubber Flooring in Doha, Qatar:

    Location: 6TH FLR, BLDG 24, ZONE 26, ST 940, NAJMA,
    Phone: 44416319
    Timings:8.00AM-5.00PM : SAT - WED; 8.00AM-1.00PM : THUR
    Key Personnel:BILAL AL ABDALLAH, G M, .

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Find below a list of the top 10 products suppliers of Rubber Tiles in Doha, Qatar:

  • BSW
    - Safety Rubber Flooring, Supply & Installation
    - Outdoor Epdm Rubber Tiles, Safety Rubber Tiles, Playground Mats

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