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Serviced Offices in Doha Qatar

What's the one challenge that every entrepreneur, solopreneur or SME inevitably faces as they try to scale their business? Finding the right space! With limited capital and resources, many budding businessmen and women carry out most of their daily work and meetings at home or at coffee shops around Doha. But what happens when they decide to take on new employees, expand their services, or grow their client roster? Finding the right space to house the growing business becomes a top priority. Enter serviced apartments - fully equipped and externally managed spaces, outfitted with modern fixtures, office furnishings, high speed wi-fi, landline connectivity, AV equipment, and secretarial and admin staff, available for a set monthly fee. 

A serviced office is a great cost-saving solution for many small and medium businesses because it means forgoing the massive capital needed to renovate and outfit an existing office space, get modern amenities in, Workstation, buy and install Office Furniture, chairs, desks, and storage solutions, and pay overheads like electricity, water, and property taxes. 

With serviced offices, companies lease out a portion of a floor or individual office spaces for a predetermined time at a fixed cost. If the company grows further, they can choose to add more space to their rental agreement, making serviced offices one of the most flexible solutions on the market for growing businesses. Companies offering serviced offices also offer more flexible rental terms, ad-hoc services (phones, printing, meeting rooms, etc) and competitive prices, compared to a conventional leased office which may require furnishing, equipment, and more restrictive regulations. Most serviced offices also offer tenants shared reception services, business machines and other resources, providing reduced costs and access to equipment which may otherwise be unaffordable to a start-up.

Serviced offices in Doha usually offer a pay-as-you-go plan, where your rental fees correlate to the amount of space you're leasing from the building. Rental fees are usually fixed for a predetermined amount of time and cover rent, business rates, property taxes, utilities, facilities management, furnishings, IT services, equipment and refreshments. A serviced office also has communal areas that are shared by all tenants, like reception areas, lounges, meeting rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Lease terms are flexible and range from just a month to 3 years and up, to enable businesses to scale up or down as required.

If your business doesn't yet require a full-fledged office space, there are other options that you might consider that might be more suited to your needs. 

  • Virtual Office - Enjoy the benefits of having one or more physical addresses for your business – ideal for registration and mailing purposes.
  • Hot Desks - A membership that gives you access to a workspace in a co-working area at one or multiple locations. This can be part-time or full-time depending on your needs, and gives you access to a thriving environment full of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Dedicated Desks - A dedicated desk in a shared co-working area or office shared with other companies. Typically this comes with your own storage and business address
  • Private Office - A fully furnished, move-in ready private office that’s fully enclosed and fully lockable. Available for any size of business, complete with IT, chairs, desks and furniture.
  • Managed Spaces - A hybrid between serviced and conventional leases, with all the right benefits but without the big commitment. Often with a private kitchen, bathrooms, board room(s) and sometimes even your own dedicated entrance.
Higher-end serviced office providers not only take care of chairs, desks, drawers and filing cabinets; their services can extend to branding your space in your company's logos and colours, and creating customised layouts with available furnishings to best suit your needs. Pick from impressive furnishings and bespoke fittings while enjoying huge savings on things like doors, walls, interior designers, and construction. The in-house support team is an added benefit to leasing a serviced office - receptionists, technical and IT support teams and janitorial and maintenance staff that aren't on your payroll but lend their services to your business as part of your rental agreement. It's a great way to manage costs, especially as a small company, while still giving you clients the look and feel of a professional, full-fledged office. 

Aside from their basic packages, many serviced offices also have add-on benefits that you can pay for separately on a need basis. Leasing an office space with meetings rooms, conferences spaces, and AV equipment can prove to be quite pricey, especially if these areas are rarely used. With a serviced office, you have the privilege of access to these kinds of areas with the benefit of only paying for them when in use. If you're a company that regularly hosts large meeting with clients, look for serviced offices with small meeting rooms and conference halls with stages and state-of-the-art audio visual equipment. 

Cost-saving benefits aside, serviced offices also offer a thriving work environment where you can meet businesses in your field or collaborate with ones you'd otherwise never have met. With dedicated communal areas and break out rooms, serviced offices encourage the kind of communication and networking that will help you grow your business. They also help growing companies expand their office space without the associated risks of being tied into a substantially more expensive location. As a small business, choosing a larger leased space with a long term commitment of 3-10 years can bode ill if the company doesn't take off or do as well as it's projected to. This is why serviced offices are a much safer bet. They give SMEs the ability to rent spaces that fit their current needs, while also being equipped to deal possible expansion into a larger space. Larger businesses can also benefit from serviced offices, which can be used as an interim measure for spill over staff from their main offices due to projects, office relocation or renovations.  

In Doha, serviced offices also give you the benefit of a prestigious real estate. With spaces located in popular buildings like The Al Fardan Towers, Burj Doha, Commercial Bank Plaza, Palm Towers, The Gate, and Tornado Tower in West Bay to the Al Owaina Tower overlooking the Corniche, there's no shortage of prime realty with stunning views with which you can associate your business. Get all the benefits of a fully furnished, ready-to-use office with reception & telephone answering services, meeting rooms, secretarial support, telephone systems, high-speed internet, mail handling, business lounges, copy/print equipment and a host of other first class office support services, facilities and amenities at a fraction of the cost.

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Serviced Offices in Doha Qatar

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