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tunnels contracting in Doha Qatar

Tunneling contractors are a subdivision of civil engineers that deal specifically with designing and building tunnels. From hard rock to flowing sands, tunneling covers everything from underground excavation to the subsequent construction of safe, and well-designed tunnels.  Tunneling contractors work with a team of designers, civil engineers, technicians, and machinists, in conjunction with powerful tunneling machines to do their job. 

A highly specialised field, tunneling is widely use for water supply systems, mining, and energy, as well as high-speed and metropolitan rail routes, large urban and interurban roads, and as solution to issues that require minimal disruption of above-ground activities. In Qatar, they see numerous applications as roadways underneath flyovers, for the metro station, and as easy parking solutions. 

While tunnel construction is expensive, due to the large amount of excavation need, it saves time and provides comfort to the end user. Thankfully, these days, the availability of modern equipment has made previously onerous tasks like excavation and backfilling easier.

There are various types of construction techniques developed for construction of tunnels like the cut and cover method, which is generally used to build shallow tunnels; the bored tunnel method, which uses a tunnel boring machine to do the job, a clay kicking method used for strong clayey soil conditions and small works like sewage pipes installations, as well as others like the shaft method, pipe jacking method, box jacking method, and underwater tunnel methods. 

Interested in learning more? Give one of our tunneling contractors listed below a call today!

Find below a list of the top Tunnels Contracting in Doha, Qatar:

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tunnels contracting in Doha Qatar

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