Fitness Equipment Suppliers in Doha Qatar

Fitness is having a moment, and we're all here for it! Spearheaded by a hoard of picture-perfect Instagram influencers and popular programs like Beachbody and Insanity, getting healthier and fitter has never been easier or more accessible until now. But navigating the sometimes overwhelming world of the gym and training can get daunting, especially if you're just dipping your toe in the iron jungle or are part of the on-again-off-again dabbler club. Luckily, we've got the low down on the various equipment and accessories that might encounter and how they can help you on your journey to your best self. 

Cardio Machines

The entry-level gym-goers best friend, cardio machines form the bedrock of any gym worth its name. They're versatile, easy to use, and are a great way to get your heart pumping before or after a workout. Cardio machines range from stationery bikes to ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machines, cross country ski machines, and stair-steppers. While there are a few new worthy gadgets on the market like the Peleton, for the most part, cardio machines have been pretty standard throughout the years. They vary in price from a few hundred to thousands of Qatari riyals, depending on whether the machine is motorised or programmable, and what add-ons it has (heart rate monitors, calorie counters, timers, bluetooth capabilities, etc). The most basic of the cardio machines is the treadmill. A length of looped rubber that varies in speed, the treadmill emulates walking or running and allow you to control incline and speed to vary your workout. They primarily work the legs and are a great tool to amp up your endurance level. In contrast, a machine like the rowing machine is a full-body workout. The rowing movement works your back, arms and legs simultaneously, and can burn far more calories than most other cardio machines. Beginner rowers should look into proper form and technique as this can make all the difference in reducing injury and making sure you're working out the right parts. For people with bad knees or those looking for a more low-impact form of cardio, the stair master is a great option. They come in two variations - one with an actual set of rotating stairs, and the other with two pedals that emulate the motion of a stair. Some modes have levers with handgrips to work arms, too. As you ramp up the speed, the stair master reduces its resistance, making it harder and harder for you to keep your momentum and giving you a killer burn in the process! 

Free Weights

Free weights refer to the endless rows of dumbbells and barbells that you see in any gym. They're untethered to a machine, making them an extremely versatile piece of equipment to start with. Weights run from as low as 2 pounds to 160 pounds, and can be used to carry out a range of motions from upper body exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral and front raises, shoulder presses, chest flyes, incline chest presses, arnold presses, bent over rows, and hammer curls to full or lower body exercises like thrusters, squats, deadlifts, lunges, reverse lunges, step ups, sumo squats and more. They come in various iterations - some have padded center bars and D-shaped weights; others are adjustable, allowing you to have more control over the weigh; while other varieties come as kettlebells or barbells. The latter simple refers to dumbbells with an elongated center bar that has more space and can be held with both hands rather than one. Full-body compound equipment like squat bars and weighted plates also fall under this category. Recently free-standing ankle weights have also become popular. These come in velcro-fitted bands that wrap around your ankle and feature small removable sand or iron-filled bags held in place around the strap. They vary in weight from 1 to 5 kg and can add an extra burn to even the simplest of movements. 


While it might seem like there's a new machine on the market everyday, there are certain gym machines that have become staples over the years. The leg press, bench press, and smith machine, for example, are basics that you can find in even the most threadbare of gyms. Other equipment complexes include cable machines that have weights attached to movable cables with multiple end attachments to target different body parts. These come with bars, belts, ropes or loops, to facilitate a wide range of motions and exercises. Yet other machines focus on specific body parts like the leg curl or leg extension machine, the calf raise machine, the later pull down or cable row machine, or newer equipment like a hip thruster machine. If you're new to using machines, do make sure to enlist the help of a gym trainer to ensure that you're doing the movement right and not inadvertently putting yourself and your body under undue stress. 

Resistance bands and tubing

Resistance bands, loops, and tubing are a great alternative to traditional machines and weights. These low-cost, lightweight, portable and versatile pieces of equipment are made of varying strengths of latex, and offer up to 100 pounds of cold hard resistance. The sheer amount of exercises you can do with bands is exhaustive, especially oncfe you factor in how varying the position and distance of your hands and feet can help vary the resistance and burn. Try different positions to learn which make repetitions easier or harder. While bands are simple latex or cotton loops over fixed resistance, tubing offers much more value for your money. They came with padded handles at each end, and even have attachments to doors or hooks to help anchor them in place when doing certain strength exercises.

Find below a list of the top 10 Fitness Equipment Suppliers in Doha, Qatar:

    Location: FRIJ BIN MAHMOUD,Phone: 44501166;44583435;55156973 - MOBILETimings:8.00AM-5.30PMKey Personnel:Ajesh Kumar /REGIONAL MNGR/-SHABAN/ACCTS/.
    Location: FRIJ BIN MAHMOUD,
    Phone: 44501166;44583435;55156973 - MOBILE
    Key Personnel:Ajesh Kumar , REGIONAL MNGR, -
    Location: B RING RD,
    Phone: 44219943
    Key Personnel:ANIL KUMAR PILLAI, M D, .
    Location: Shop 25, West Corner Centre, Midmac R / A, Salwa Rd,
    Phone: 44581786
    Key Personnel:P Nandakumar , Div Mngr, -
    Sudhir Raj Mohan , Sales Exec, -
    Jayanant Jayaprakash , Sales Exec, -
    Location: Doha, Qatar,
    Phone: 43000897
    Location: Bin Mahmoud,
    Phone: 44444616;66005408 - Mobile
    Key Personnel:Anil Kumar , Div Mngr, -
    Location: LULU Hypermarket, D-Ring RoadP.O Box: 9763;LULU Hypermarket, GharaffaP.O Box: 9763, Doha,;LULU Center, Al Rayyan RoadP.O Box: 9763,Doha,;LULU Express, Education City Community HousingP.O Box: 9763,Doha,;LULU Hypermarket, Al Khor MallP.O Box 9763,Al Khor,;LuLu Hypermarket,Barwa City, Al Asiri, Doha,
    Phone: 44667780;44074000;44322442;44800448;44533533;40056000
    Location: Bldg 327, C Ring Rd,
    Phone: 44667782
    Timings:8.00am-5.00pm : Sun - Thur
    Key Personnel:Khaled Hashem Abou El Saoud , C F O, -
    Munther Koborsi, Sales / Mktg Mngr , , -

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Fitness Equipment Suppliers in Doha Qatar

Find below a list of the top 10 products suppliers of Fitness Equipment in Doha, Qatar:

    - Commercial Use Treadmills, Jogging Machines, Bikes, Elliptical Riders
    - Standard Climbing Walls, Traversing Walls, Magna Climbing Walls, Kersplash Crystal Clear Pool Climbing, Pedometers, Folding Mats, Weekidz Challenge Course, Weekidz Balance Beams, Start Fit Activity Packages, Off The Wall Fitness, Indoor Jungle Gyms, Plank Walks, Monkey Bars, Swing Steppers, Circle Steppers, Wild Webs
    - Commercial Fitness Equipment
  • GYM 80
  • HAGS
    - Outdoor Fitness Equipment - Supply & Installation

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