Cable Management Systems in Doha Qatar

Cable management is an industry term used in telecommunications to define the complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure to any building. These cabling systems are built to support a wide range of uses, such as providing telephone services or data transmission through a computer network, and should be suitable for both today’s needs and those of the future. 

All cabling systems consist of six standardized smaller elements called subsystems. These work to create an intricate network that can be used by various systems such as data, telephony, access control, building automation and so on. In no particular order, they are:
  • Entrance Facilities – the point where the telephone company network ends and connects with the on-premises wiring at the customer premises
  • Equipment Rooms – host equipment which serves the users inside the building
  • Telecommunications Rooms – where various telecommunications and data equipment resides, connecting the backbone and horizontal cabling subsystems
  • Backbone cabling – inter and intra-building cable connections; it carries that signals between the entrance facilities, equipment rooms, and telecommunication rooms
  • Horizontal cabling – the wiring from the telecommunications rooms to the individual outlets on the floor
  • Work-Area components – connect end-user equipment to the outlets of the horizontal cabling system
Together, they form the basis of any indoor communications network - from schools to hospitals, offices, and more. Installing a robust and functional cabling system - though time consuming - future-proofs your wiring, ensuring that current and future tech requirements can be met and that hardware added in the future will be supported, all while providing. great flexibility and economical operation.

The basis of structured cabling design and installation is governed by a set of standards that cover the minimum wiring requirements for data centers, offices, and apartment buildings that require data or voice communication. It involves specific types of cable - most commonly category 5e (Cat 5e), category 6 (Cat 6), and fiber optic cabling and modular connectors - and dictates how to lay the cabling in various topologies in order to meet the needs of the customer. These configurations typically involve using a central patch panel (which is normally 19-inch rack-mounted), from where each modular connection can be used as needed. Each outlet is then patched into a network switch (normally also rack-mounted) for network use or into an IP or PBX (private branch exchange) telephone system patch panel.

The benefits of investing in a structured cabling system are numerous, and include the following: 
  • Moves, adds, and changes are much easier due to the fact that they are done in the MDA versus running long patch cords from equipment racks.
  • A reduction in the complexity that comes with deploying multiple wiring infrastructure in the same place.
  • Potential for downtime is reduced as the system diminishes human error while making troubleshooting easier. 
  • Cable and port tracing becomes a much easier job with a structured cabling system. This logical, organized approach not only makes changes easier, but it saves you time. 
  • Aesthetically, structured cabling systems look much cleaner than a point-to-point method. Since the changes are done in the MDA versus at the hardware, the hardware can be cabled up and not touched in most instances. This allows the cabling in front of the switch to remain aesthetically pleasing.
  • Structure cabling systems come with very high bandwidth, which ensures that the system can support any future applications that may be introduced to your business, i.e., video conferencing or multimedia, without interruption of the current system. 
  • Increased adaptability to network infrastructure changes.
  • A more secure and robust network compared to ones based on wireless technology.
Though they are heavily regulated and standardised, every structured cabling system is unique. This is due to variations in the architectural structure of the building, which houses the cabling installation, the cable and connection products, the function of the cabling installation, the type of equipment the system will support (present and future), the configuration of any currently installed systems, customer requirements, and manufacturer warranties. 

Interested in looking into a structured cabling solution for your business? Give one of these local businesses a call today and get a head start on organising your telecommunications. 

Find below a list of the top Cable Management Systems in Doha, Qatar:

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Cable Management Systems in Doha Qatar

Find below a list of the top products suppliers of Cable Support & Management Systems in Doha, Qatar:

  • 3M
    - Cable Ties, Electrical Tapes, Cable Management Systems, Cold Shrink Cable Joints & Cable Accessories
  • ABB
    - Cables & Accessories
    - Ss Pvc Coated Cable Ties & Accessories
    - Cable Trays, Cable Ladders, Trunking, Wire Mesh Cable Trays
    - Cable Pulling
    - Cable Management Systems, G1 Cable Trunking & Accessories, Pvc Cable Trunkings, Cable Glands & Accessories
  • AXIS
    - Copper Lugs & Ferrules, Cable Glands & Accessories, Cable Glands, Cms & Electrical Accessories, Explosion Proof Cable Glands, Cable Lugs, Eexd / Cw / A2 Brass Cable Glands, Terminal Lugs, Hazardous Area Cable Glands & Accessories, Double Compression Glands
  • BAND - IT
    - Cable Management Systems
    - Pvc Cable Ties
    - Cable Management Systems

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