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      CLINT - Liquid Chillers, Heat Pumps, Roof Top / Fan Coil Units (251 Visits)
      (4456 Visits)

      2. AIR HANDLING UNITS   Blog     

      NOVAIR - Customized Air Handling Units, Terminal Units, Air Ventilation (219 Visits)
      (527 Visits)


      ZECO AIRCON LTD - Air Management Systems & Solution Technologies (229 Visits)
      (8106 Visits)

      4. BOILERS & PARTS SUPPLIERS   Blog     

      ISOPIPE - Cast Iron Condensing Boilers (224 Visits)
      MYTHERM - Steel Boilers, Pellet Burners, Dwh Plastic Tanks, Flat Solar Collectors (206 Visits)
      (10489 Visits)


      EATON - Power Management Systems (25638 Visits)
      PPB GROUP - Busway Trunking Systems (229 Visits)
      (13154 Visits)

      6. CABLES & CABLING SYSTEMS   Blog     

      RAMCRO - Special Cables (4590 Visits)
      (5625 Visits)


      EATON - Power Management Sytems (25638 Visits)
      (15384 Visits)


      FCX SYSTEMS INC - High Frequency Converters (1896 Visits)
      POWER PLUG - Bus Duct Systems (2484 Visits)
      (4447 Visits)


      CORTEM - Explosion Protected Electrial Equipment (3608 Visits)
      (10728 Visits)

      10. INSULATION PRODUCTS   Blog     

      ISOPIPE - Flexible Synthetic Rubber Foam Insulation Systems, Pre Insulated Piping (224 Visits)
      (9674 Visits)

      11. LED LIGHTING FIXTURES   Blog     

      BIAR - Led Lightings (311 Visits)
      CONCORD - Led Luminaires (2914 Visits)
      CRESCENT - Led Fibre Optic Lights (2107 Visits)
      GRUPO MCI - Led Lightings (244 Visits)
      HOFFMEISTER - Led Lightings (2759 Visits)
      (10809 Visits)


      3S LIGHTING SOLUTIONS - Architectural Lighting Solutions (249 Visits)
      ARCLUCE - Architectural Lightings, Lighting Fixtures (1762 Visits)
      ATP - Exterior / Landscape Lightings (1815 Visits)
      BIAR - Conventional Lightings, Led Lightings (311 Visits)
      BURC - External Light Fixtures (1876 Visits)
      CONCORD - Exterior / Landscape Lightings, Led Luminaires (2914 Visits)
      CRESCENT - Commercial Lightings, Fibre Optic Lightings, Led Fibre Optic Lights (2107 Visits)
      DESIGNPLAN - Lighting Solutions (241 Visits)
      DTS - Explosion Proof Hazardous Area Lighting Equipment (2192 Visits)
      ERCO - Down Lights, Projectors, Architectural Lighting (2905 Visits)
      ETAP - Exit / Emergency Luminaries (2497 Visits)
      FAGERHUIT - Premium Lighting Solution (230 Visits)
      FLOS - Architectural Indoor Lights (3873 Visits)
      GRUPO MCI - Architectural Lightings, Indoor / Outdoor Lightings, Led Lightings, Luminaires (244 Visits)
      HOFFMEISTER - Down Lights, External Architectural Lights, Led Lightings (2759 Visits)
      KALMAR - Bespoke Chandeliers, Contemporary Decorative Luminaires, Functional Lighting Solutions (222 Visits)
      MCI - Led Products (2187 Visits)
      ORBIK ELECTRONICS - Exit / Emergency Luminaries (2199 Visits)
      PHILIPS - High Masts, Outdoor Columns, Sport / Amenity / Road / Flood / Industrial Lights (20351 Visits)
      Q - LITE - Lighting Control Programming Pc Software, System 200 12 & 24 Channel Lighting Control Systems, System 200 Data Highway Programmable Lighting Control Systems, System 4/8 Data Highway Lighting Control Systems, Touch Pad Custom Built Executive Control Plates (3955 Visits)
      R P TECHNIC - Emergency Lighting Systems (2106 Visits)
      REGGIANI SPA ILLUMINAZIONE - Light Fittings, Down Lights, Projector Lights (2457 Visits)
      SCHMITZ / WILA - Individual Architectural Lighting Solution, Indoor Lighting Concepts (228 Visits)
      THORLUX LIGHTING INC - Fluorescent / Security / Industrial / Amenity / Sport / Road Lightings, Flood Lights, Outdoor Columns, Luminaires, Lighting & Control Systems For Architectural / Commercial / Industrial / Hazardous Area & Tunnel Applications (2414 Visits)
      VIBIA - Interior Lighting Designers (1460 Visits)
      WHITECROFT - Fluorescents, Project Lighting & Controls, Luminaires (3020 Visits)
      WIBRE - Underwater Spotlights, Exterior Spotlights (2833 Visits)
      WILA - Down Lights, Projectors (2551 Visits)
      XAL - Architectural Indoor / Outdoor Lights, Custom Luminaires (2849 Visits)
      (5794 Visits)

      13. PLASTIC & PLASTIC PRODUCTS   Blog     

      THE SUPREME INDUSTRIES LTD - Plastic Products, Cross-laminated Films, Hmhd Films, Multilayer Films, Swr Piping Systems, Different Types Of Plastic Processing In Injection Moulding, Rotational Moulding (roto), Extrusion, Compression Moulding, Blow Moulding Etc, Wide Range Of Plastic Products With A Variety Of Applications In Moulded Furniture, Storage & Material Handling Products, Xf Films & Products, Performance Films, Industrial Moulded Products, Protective Packaging Products, Composite Plastic Products, Plastic Piping System & Petrochemicals (234 Visits)
      (4639 Visits)


      ETAP - Automation Software For Electrical Power Systems, Solution For Generation / Transmission / Distribution / Industrial / Transportation / Low Voltage Power Systems (2497 Visits)
      FEDERAL TRANSFORMERS - Transformers, Package Substations (3503 Visits)
      PILLER POWER SYSTEMS - Power Protection Technology / Electrical Systems For Mission Critical Applications (242 Visits)
      (1917 Visits)


      MONTAIR - Precision Air Conditioning, Cooling Units (1372 Visits)
      (10065 Visits)


      SAER - Pumps & Motors, Submersible Motors, High Pressure Pumps, End Suction Pumps, In-line Pumps, Booster Sets, Domestic Electric Pumps, Waste Water Pumps, Submersible Pumps (2338 Visits)
      (12037 Visits)

      17. ROAD SAFETY BARRIERS   Blog     

      LYSAGHT GUARDRAIL - Galvanized Highway Guardrails (242 Visits)
      (2417 Visits)


      SKY FACTORY - Virtual Skylights & Windows (244 Visits)
      (7188 Visits)


      LYSAGHT POLE - Galvanized Street Lightings (204 Visits)
      (7079 Visits)

      20. SWITCHGEARS   Blog     

      TAMCO - High Voltage Electrical Switchgears (3028 Visits)
      (4550 Visits)


      BOYD - Designing / Manufacturing Advanced Engineered Materials & Thermal Management Solutions (218 Visits)
      (9679 Visits)

      22. TOOLS   Blog     

      WILA - Clamping & Crowning Systems, Tool Holders, Tooling & Accessories For Press Brakes (2551 Visits)
      (7342 Visits)


      GENERAL ELECTRIC - Ups Systems (6816 Visits)
      HITACHI - Ups Systems (21798 Visits)
      (20694 Visits)

      24. VALVES & ACCESSORIES   Blog     

      TYNE FLOW - Valves, Couplers (2085 Visits)

      Total Brands: 62

      Company Profile

      ABOUT US :-
      Gulf Lights Electrical Engineering W.L.L. is a distribution, trading and supply, electro mechanical engineering and maintenance company founded in 1990. In the highly competitive and dynamic economic environment of the Middle East, it was our technical accuracy in every response or support, timely delivery and project completion that became our strongest credentials. It was only natural that we won the confidence of a highly coveted clientele in the State of Qatar.
      We at Gulf Lights constantly endeavour to bring to you efficient and safe lighting solutions, high and low voltage solutions, for a variety of applications and areas of use. With a development centre and Head office in the heart of the middle-east, State of Qatar, we are poised to cater to our clients lighting requirements and all other solutions with a strong focus on quality and technical expertise.
      Our objective Is to perform every job to the highest standards of safe engineering practices adhering to all applicable codes, rule and regulations pertaining to the industry. To ensure the highest quality of service, Gulf Lights has put in place a strict process control which includes inspection, calibration and maintenance of equipment/products used by the company. Training is offered to update the technical personnel on the latest trends and Industry practices.
      Gulf Lights will constantly endeavor to provide environmentally friendly products to its customers thereby helping the state of Qatar in its effort in reduction of CO2 emission and carbon footprint. We are committed to the growth and development of the company which aligns with Qatar’s 2030 vision at the same time providing and maintaining quality service to our customers.
      Gulf Lights is committed to maintain core values which led to company’s success in the past years. I hope the same commitment would continue from our employees and business partners. Our core values like Integrity, honesty, and customer service –have defined Gulf Lights since the founding of the company. Our commitment to these ideals must be rock solid to ensure a great customer experience.
      Electrical Engineers & Contractors :-
      Registered as a grade “A” Electrical Contractor, we are one of the leading organizations in the electrical field and offers a comprehensive range of Services to Electrical Industries. The Company executes projects in accordance with international standards and undertakes the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of interior and exterior lighting systems, high voltage indoor and outdoor substations, power generating stations, public address, CCTV, fire alarm, access control and lightning protection systems. it has three decades of experience in carrying out the full spectrum of electrical contracts in the range of Industrial Electrical Systems, Renewable Energy System, and complete electrification of high rise buildings.
      Gulf Lights provides turnkey project jobs including engineering, Procurement of Power Control Centers, Motor Control Centers, Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels, installation and commissioning. Across three decades, Gulf Lights has established a leadership position in electrical engineering services. The company is committed to meeting the needs of customers by providing services that set standards in the region. Stringent quality control and supervision ensure that services conform to the highest standards of quality and reliability.
      Lighting solutions:-
      Gulf Lights stands today, as the market leader in the distribution of lighting systems in the State of Qatar. Through our extensive knowledge and devotion to excellence in the lighting field, we were able to become sole distributors of world renowned manufacturers such as ERCO, Wila, Hoffmeister, Whitecroft, Philips etc. Working with our partners we are able to offer a unique range of lighting options to suit all your needs that are unsurpassed. With our dedicated & professional projects team, we are able to work with you to design, implement and supply the perfect lighting solutions for any environment.
      Our innovative lighting solutions cover both conventional fixtures and advanced solid-state technology that can seamlessly integrate with powerful digital controls and daylight to create greater energy efficiencies and a higher quality of light. We adhere to the principle of “Quality & Service First”. Gulf Lights service will be done to maintain a high degree of coordination with esteemed customers. We promise to offer you the excellent quality and service that you deserved
      HV & LV Power Distribution:-
      We are an innovative company specialising in HV & LV Power Distribution, Total Building Control, Automatic Meter Reading and Energy Efficiency Solutions. Our staff has over 30 years combined experience across our range of services.
      Products include Ring Main Units, Vacuum Switchgear, Oil filled transformers, Cast resin Transformers, Package Sub-stations, Central Battery, UPS, Busbar, Grade Studies and HV Training. With our products including HV Switchgear, HV Transformers, LV Switchgear, Harmonic Filtration, Power Factor Correction, UPS, Automatic Meter Reading, Fire alarm system we are able to offer a one stop package solution enabling Gulf Lights to coordinate project product management.
      Our clients include Hospitals, Banks, Airports, Data Centres, Schools, Universities, Retail, Factories and numerous government facilities.As a privately-owned business we are able to offer a personal touch and tailor solutions that meet our client’s needs from design through to project delivery. Our wide scope of products enables us to provide multi-product solutions from power distribution to controlling and managing building energy usage.
      Rewinding & Repairs :-
      We are one of the leading service providers of Rewinding of Electric Motors, Generator and Transformer that are provided with the help of our skilled professionals. These services are available in compliance with the international quality standards to the clients. Our services are widely available for all kinds of motors and these services are executed by highly professional staff using the latest technologies, machinery and tools within a specified time. Further, we offer these services at very affordable prices to the clients.
      Today with a proven reliable track record of 30 years, the organization has grown and remains Qatar’s leading and most reputed name in Electrical Rewinds, Re-designs and Repairs. The services provided, cover Low Voltage and Medium Voltage AC and DC Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers, Turbo Generator Stators, Turbo Rotors (including high speed balancing), Hydro Generator Stators, Hydro Rotors and Field poles, also included are Dynamic Balancing, Vacuum & Pressure Impregnation, RSO studies, Vibration Reduction, Diagnostic Testing, Machining and allied services.

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